LPMAK took the third place on KSN Expo Competition of 2009

Amungme and Kamoro Community Development Organization receive the third place award on National Social Solidarity Expo in 2009 for Special Design Booth. On the booth that receives the third place nation-wide, LPMAK presents various information about Amungme and Kamoro community development programs which has been run by the institution who manages PT. Freeport Indonesia’s Partnership Fund.

Information about community development program which was wrapped inside some posters, photographs, table and graphs, consist of the results of community development program. It took the attention of visitors who packed the Jakarta Convention Center on 22 – 25 October 2009. It was noted that the number of visitors in this expo is around 5.000 people per day.

Based on guest log book, there are at least 700 visitors that want to receive comprehensive information on community development programs that has been done by LPMAK. To hundreds of visitors, we also conveyed the achievements of community development programs in our health, education, community economy, partnership with cultural and religious institutions and other special programs.

Besides that, the peoples who come to LPMAK’s booth also have the opportunity to get a taste of sago based snacks and foods, or even buy all Barramundi fish which was caught by Kamoro’s fishermen. They also has a chance to enjoy the variety of cultural wealth of Mimika local villagers through sculptures and woven stuffs.

KSN Expo is an annual exhibition that is arranged by Social Department to spread the information to the whole community about Corporate Social Responsibility efforts of various companies all over Indonesia. The purpose is to inspire the whole community on the importance of solidarity among our nation’s components. Through this, we hope that values of solidarity among the community can be implanted inside everyone’s heart and mind.

At this 2009 KSN Expo, LPMAK made a success of taking the third best place, went over 350 other participants that consisted of small companies, BUMN’s partners, private companies, banks, NGOs, regional and central government institutions and several international organizations.

Commendations and supports were given by hundreds of visitors to LPMAK. One of the supports was sent by one visitor who wrote his hope for LPMAK to empower the position of local people to gain competitive advantage towards other region. LPMAK was also asked to take more endeavors for spreading its vision and mission, in order to eliminate people’s image of LPMAK as a place where people spend their money recklessly.

LPMAK Public Relation Bureau Head, Yeremias Imbiri, directly received the trophy and award of the third place nation-wide from Social Department General Secretary, Drs. Chazali H. Situmorang, APT. M.Sc, PH before the closing of the 2009 KSN Expo.

On his closing remarks, Chazali said that KSN Expo will be presented every year to convey information to the community about CSR, partnership and environmental fosters and community empowerment programs from related parties. Other than that, according to Chazali, KSN Expo is expected as communication links among various institutions and companies who joined the event to improve the quality of solidarity among the people. “Corporate Social Responsibility is a form of people solidarity in improving community’s welfare and act as a social investment at the same time,” Chazali said. (miskan)

Appreciation for LPMAK

PTFI’s SDAC Team (Sustainable Development Advisory Council) convey their appreciation for LPMAK who have worked hard serving the local community through community development programs. Community development in Mimika will be worthless if it’s not being done with pure heart and good faith from all parties.

That means that the development can’t be done by one or two parties, but must be through cooperations. Although LPMAK has done well its three main programs, Education, Health and Communal Economy Development, SDAC Team reminds LPMAK to keep trying to synergize its work program with the government to achieve systematic achievements.

Appreciation remarks was conveyed by SDAC Team Leader, Prof Farid Anfasa Moeloek, after the team receives a presentation by LPMAK Executive Secretary, John Nakiaya, about LPMAK health and education programs using the fund from PT. Freeport Indonesia’s Partnership Fund.

SDAC Team who attend the program presentation in Tembaga Room, Sheraton Hotel Timika on Friday (22/8/09) consisted of Prof Achmad Ali, Prof Oekan S. Abdullah, Dr. M. Chatib Bisri and Dra. Mience Rumbiak.

The presentation by John Nakiaya receives various comments from SDAC Team members. In general, SDAC Team state that LPMAK achievement is not unsatisfactory because those programs has touched community’s expectations.

On education, Prof. Achmad Ali said that it is undeniable that the decline of education happens everywhere, not only in Mimika. On LPMAK efforts to improve the quality of education as laid out on Education Program Strategic Plan for ten years to coma, he said that it was a very positive step.

There is one thing he would like to remind LPMAK that national policy always hinders what has been laid out on each region. For example, he stated that every replacement of Education Minister with the new one will be followed by replacement of education books.

SDAC Team supports education program on local wisdom, which is based on uniqueness of Papua through Special Autonomy Law (UU Otsus). So, according to Prof. Achmad, education program, especially about local wisdom, which has been arranged by LPMAK, does not need to follow national curriculum.

Inline with education, in responding to health program, SDAC Team states that LPMAK needs to think generally, by designing a good health service system. “Don’t use linear thinking only” said Prof Moeloek. He mentioned that because there are always interconnections among education, health and economy. “Those programs can’t be stand alone” said Prof Moeloek.

The meeting with SDAC Team was also attended by PRFI Management who was represented by Marliyanto Ilyas, Section Head of Village Based Economic Development; Iwan Kaldjat, Senior Manager of External Relations; Denny Hudijana, Manager Legal and Government Affairs Specialist Project; Hary Budhyono, Gen. Supt Sustainable Development; Gatut Adisoma, Senior VP Geo and Technical Service and Executive Vice President for External Affairs PTFI, Demianus Dimara and LPMAK’s counterpart, Cornelles Yom and several LPMAK staffs. (thobias maturbongs)